Treasure Box Activity Packs

Many learners from our After School programmes come from families who have limited access to internet and smart-phone devices. That is why the Treasure Box partners have collaborated with Florence and Watson to create printable activity pack sourced from the incredible After School programme resources in our online Treasure Box.

This is one of the first packs (for grades 1-5) from a series that will follow in the coming weeks.

We are partnering with organisations that reach large communities or that work with many schools – mainly in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and Gauteng – to distribute the activity packs. If your organisation serves a large group of learners and is interested in distributing these activity booklets, visit this page to add your information.

Activity Packs for printing & Distribution

If you have an interest in downloading the high-quality versions of the packs, or in printing and distributing the resource yourselves, follow this link to access all the files and printing specifications.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on the first Treasure Box activity pack!

Connect with us by sending a message on our Whatsapp line: 061 332 4349, or follow us on our Facebook page to receive weekly updates and useful information about the online treasure box as well as upcoming activity packs.

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