This page offers a collection of resources, tools & guides for education non-profits and After School programmes

Online Child Safety Guide

Covid-19 parenting resources, tips and guides

Masinyusane Case Study:

A culture of learning

Learner dropout prevention strategies

Impact Management reporting guideline

Reading for meaning –

multiple resources

 6 Strategies teens can use to protect their mental health during COVID-19

Creative Approaches to Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Staff

 3 Free Tech Tools for distance/ remote learning and beyond

 Leveraging Social Media to promote After School work

60 Day Social Media Challenge for NPOs

Fundraising & donor communications webinar


Youth Audience Engagement Study by Instant Grass 2019

A Review of the After School Sector in the Western Cape: How can we close South Africa’s education gap? 2019

A Literacy Case Study: The Learning Trust partners with Wordworks 2018

Monitoring and Evaluation by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention 2017

An Evaluation of an After-school Programme for High School Learners in Cape Town, South Africa 2016

Five years on: learning programme design for primary after-school maths clubs in South Africa 2015

The Learning Trust ECD research report 2013

Creating a caring school: Setting up aftercare for school learners 2012

Schooling reform is possible – Lessons for South Africa from international experience 2011

Low quality education as a poverty trap 2011


What does the research say about after school? 2017

Effects of After-School Programs with At-Risk Youth on Attendance and Externalizing Behaviors 2015

Before and After School Programs 2014

Afterschool Program Quality and Student Outcomes 2013

Everyday Democracy ‘Strong starts for children’ 2010

Re-imagining the 21st century school day 2010

Are High-Quality Schools Enough to Close the Achievement Gap? Evidence from a Bold Social Experiment in Harlem 2009

The productivity argument for investing in young children 2007

Outcomes Linked to High-Quality Afterschool Programs 2007